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Dr. King one of the very few outsiders invited to teach defensive tactics & personal riks management at the prestigious Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command (Thai: หน่วยบัญชาการสงครามพิเศษ) also known as Pa Wai Airborne (Thai: พลร่มป่าหวาย) headquartered at King Narai Camp in Lopburi.

About Rodney

Dr. King holds fellowships with the Royal Society of Arts, the Institute of Leadership & Management, and the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. He earned his doctorate from the University of Leicester’s School of Business (UK), a global academy for leaders, innovators, and change-makers. As a social scientist, his research focused on the role of mindfulness in leadership performance. He obtained his first master’s degree in leading innovation and change from York St John University’s School of Business (UK). Dr. King completed his undergraduate studies in psychology and is close to completing a second master’s degree in environmental psychology from De Montfort University (UK). His the author of Inner-Defence: Inner Management Skills for First Responders, Security & Risk Management Professionals.

Our Mission

Under the guidance of Dr. Rodney King (‘Coach’) a global leader in defensive tactics and personal threat management, you will build the skills necessary to equip your students with cutting edge, proven and tested self-preservation skills. 
Our mission is to offer a world-class modern martial arts experiences that equip students with the confidence to protect themselves, while inspiring them to take the positive life changing lessons they learn in training to flourish in life. 

Trainer Reviews

“I can’t say enough about the CMD Trainers Program. I followed Coach Rodney and Crazy Monkey for years, and finally had the opportunity to be part of the team. The training & course content deliver what others promise: a tested combat sports base that can be applied on the mat or in real world personal protection."
Joey A
Florida, USA
"I am proud to be a trainer in the Monkey Jits Trainers program. As well as being a great program for building your game and skills, we also focus on developing real life self preservation skills! You will not find many in the world as good as coach Rodney King to impart his knowledge to you!"
Jorgen Bore
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