Change Your Story, Change The Ending!

Decades of sparring in martial arts has taught me that it’s not the punch that gets through that’s the problem, it’s how you attach to that punch getting through on the ‘inside’ that causes the problems.

In sparring you have to expect to get hit. Getting hit, is the nature of the game. But it is how you respond to getting hit, that marks the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.

You can always take more than your mind tells you it can take. You can always push harder, further, and longer than what your mind says it can. It is by not attaching to the give up narrative in your head, that ultimately leads to success.

Sometimes, maybe a lot of the times, you need to put your own mind in its place. I do it every day. I tell my mind all the time, “ you and your story, are not the boss here. You don’t run the show.”

Have the courage, the tenacity to get rid of your self defeating story. Because that’s all it really is, a story, and stories, especially their endings can be changed!


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