I’ve been a fan of the Crazy Monkey Defence for many years. It was a great privilege to have Rodney come out to Kings Academy to teach a seminar. It was even better to see his passion for teaching and the effectiveness of what he taught. I look forward to having him out to Kings Academy for a follow up seminar when he’s next back in the country

Elvis Sinosic

MMA Star & UFC veteran, UFC Fight Week co-host on @FoxSportsAus






Crazy Monkey Defense will equip you with the tools to teach others how to survive hostile mind-sets, and ensure that they are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges

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What Trainers Are Saying!

I was an active duty soldier in the US Army for over two decades. Throughout that time it was a dream of mine to open a martial arts gym when I stepped into civilian life – but I had no idea how I would go about it. The Crazy Monkey Defense Program has given me the tools and confidence to go from coaching a handful of students part time, to running a full time 3300sf. gym in just 2-years

Eric Kolesar

Owner of Crazy Monkey North West, USA


From The Battlefield to the Mat

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) has been taught to, and deployed by some of the world’s finest modern day warriors. We have taught CMD to special force military operators, law enforcement teams, and close protection groups. CMD has been successfully deployed in diverse environments, from the battlefield, hot steaming jungles, to city streets.

The ability of Crazy Monkey Defense to do so, speaks to the functionality of the system to morph and cross-platform to the needs of various self-preservation environments.

Rodney’s CMD is to standing what BJJ is to the ground- simple, functional, effective, non attribute based- and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system

CW3 Maurice "Duke" Duclos ​

US Army Special Forces Tikrit Iraq


The Crazy Monkey Difference

While teaching self-preservation skills is a default in Crazy Monkey Defense, what will set you apart as a CMD Trainer is your ability to offer a modern martial arts experience that balances functionality with the art of self-reliance. You will learn how to purposively empower your students to apply the lessons they learn on the mat to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully.


As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. Rather than building a martial art around fear of attack, testosterone-based competition, or external rewards King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. In a field steeped in tradition, King artfully reimagines both the dojo and the martial arts business mentality. At long last, we have a perfect union of proven martial arts techniques with cutting edge approaches to teaching and personal development. As a martial artist myself, King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology


What Is CORE16

CORE16 is Crazy Monkey Defense’s flagship 16-week foundational course. It’s the first course taught to all our students around the world. In CORE16 students are introduced to the foundations of the CMD System, with a focus on developing a combat athletic game, with equal emphasis on developing key self-preservation skills.


CORE16 takes a multidisciplinary approach to building a formidable foundation that all future Crazy Monkey skills will be built from. CORE16 focuses primarily on the outside game (before moving into mid and close quarter games later on), mixing both the athletic fight base movements, along with self-preservation skills. The goal is to teach students important key ‘fighting’ skills that are both focused on technical development, but at the same time begin to prime them to be able to successfully defend themselves.

Rodney [creator of CMD] is the 'real deal' when it comes to all things 'street'. I 100% encourage students of the arts to investigate what Rodney King has to offer. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.

Richard Norton

5th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Award winning Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, and Martial Artist

* Rodney with the legendary Richard Norton


How It Works

18-Week Online Program

You will be given immediate access to module 1 of our online 18-week CORE16 Trainers Program. Each week you will be given access to a new week of lessons, which include all the theory, techniques and a done for you workout to teach to your students for that week.

Assigned a Mentor (optional)

If you choose to not go it alone, you can opt for our additional Mentor Package, where you will be assigned a dedicated Mentor, who will meet with you twice a month via Zoom. In those sessions you get to ask any questions you have, troubleshoot, and most importantly held accountable for your progress. Bottom line, you will not be alone throughout your CORE16 Trainers journey. We will keep you motivated throughout.

Take The CORE16 Trainers Evaluation

At the end of 18-Weeks you will be eligible to take the CORE16 Trainer evaluation test. This is your first step to becoming a fully licensed Crazy Monkey Glove Ranked Trainer [see the FAQ section, bottom of page for more info]

Watch a Sample Video from our Extensive Online Core16 Curriculum

When you join Crazy Monkey’s CORE16 Trainers Program you will be given access to our 18-week online trainers program. Each week you will be given access to a new module which includes all the theory, techniques and a done for you workout you can teach to your students.

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What You Will Learn

Week 1: Orientation

In the first week you will learn about what Crazy Monkey Defense is. This includes our unique approach to teaching for performance, including our philosophy in developing sustainable fighting skills.

Week 3: Riding The Storm 1

Defense sits at the heart of Crazy Monkey Defense. In this module you learn how to begin developing the defensive capabilities of your students.

Week 2: The HDF Engine

How you start teaching matters to the future success of your students. In this module we focus on developing 3-key foundational skills: namely the fighting platform, the dive board jab/cross for self-preservation, and movement.

Week 4: Street-Kicks

Kicks take a lot of flight time to develop. In this module we focus on kicks that can be easily learned, and are most effective for self-preservation.

Week 5: Kick Defense

Now that your students know the best kicks to develop for self-preservation we look at how to defend kicks in general.

Week 7: Secondary Primary Strikes

In this module we show you how to teach secondary primary strikes out of a distance game. This includes hooks, uppercuts, and overhands.

Week 6: The BEAR

Building off what we have already covered, in this module we go into a specific focus on applying a combat athletic base to a self-preservation.

Week 8: Riding The Storm 2

In this module we continue to look at CMD's unique approach to defense, with a focus on dealing with hooks, uppercuts, overhands and more.

Week 9: The Rim Shot Range

CORE16 is focused on teaching the outside fight game. While we covered the rim throughout the past 8 weeks, we now take a deep dive into it's strategic application.

Week 11: Riding The Strom 3

In this module we first look at defending mid-line long range strikes. We then move to bringing all the defensive lines together into a cohesive defensive system.

Week 10: Mid-Line Long Range Strikes

In this module we focus on long range strikes to the body, including tactics such as feinting to achieve a high percentage outcome.

Week 12: Keeping The Fight Standing

Crazy Monkey is a stand up fighting system. As such, the biggest threat to a stand up fighter is being taken down. In this module we look at keeping the fight standing.

Week 13: Getting Back To Your Feet

While we want to avoid being taken to the ground at all costs, it happens. In this module we look at how to get back to your feet so you can reengage the fight standing up.

Week 15: Flow Glove Drills

In week 15 we focus on bringing the strikes together. Here, you will introduce your students to glove drills that will enhance their overall striking capability.

Week 14: Surviving the Ambush

No matter how prepared you make your students, they may get caught of guard. In those moments, in an ambush, knowing what to do to survive is crucial.

Week 16: Flow Kickboxing

Your students now know the key hand strikes from a distance, as well as the best kicks for the street. In this module, you will learn how to show your students how to bring those two striking packages together.

Week 17: Rim-Shot with Gloves

In this, final teaching module of CORE16 you will gently introduce your students to performance based sparring. This is where your students can fully understand applying their skills developed through CORE16 against a resisting opponent.

Week 18: Coaching For Performance

In this concluding module we focus on helping you develop your coaching skills so you can fully connect with your students, their goals and future development.

Take Your CORE16 Trainer Evaluation

You are now ready to take your CORE16 Trainer evaluation. This is done virtually. You can find out more about this process in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Start Now

You can join our Trainers Team no matter  if you want to teach out of your garage, as a trainer in someone else’s facility, teach the program at your existing academy, or for your own personal development (for example: you may want to teach CMD in the future but want to certify now). Should you want to open a fully branded Crazy Monkey Defense Academy, please CONTACT US HERE

What's Included....

Please see our FAQ section below...which will answer many of your questions regarding the above!


Get started right away. As soon as you sign up below, one of our team members will contact you to get your account set up, so you can begin working through the CORE16 online program. You will also be added to our Trainers only WhatsApp group, and be able to access all of our monthly webclasses with Coach Rodney King at no additional charge. See FAQ at the bottom of this page for more information.



USD$ 84 per/month

Choose this option if you want to teach from home, for example from your garage.


USD$125 per/month

Choose this option if you either run your own academy and want to integrate Crazy Monkey as an additional program you offer, and or, if you teach out of someones else’s academy.


USD$250 per/month

Choose this option  if you want to open, and or run a fully branded Crazy Monkey Defense facility. Please contact us prior to choosing this option.


Do you need extra support? Many new trainers who sign up don’t want to go it alone. If you want extra support, and someone to work with you every step of the way through the CORE16 process, choose our mentoring package below. You will be assigned a full time Crazy Monkey Trainer who through 8 virtual Zoom one-on-one sessions, will guide you through the experience, as well as answer any questions you may have. This is the best way to ensure your progress, accountability, plus having a season CM Trainer taking you through the process every step of the way.


(8 x One-on-One Zoom Virtual Coaching Sessions)

* Please purchase this package separate to a Trainers license option above

Rodney King is years ahead of his time, he has taken his martial arts to the level of budo, where few dare to go. I am a big fan

Geoff Thompson

Martial Artist, Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning AuthoMartial Artist, Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning Author

About Coach Rodney King

Rodney King has taught weapon based, and empty hand self-preservation skills all over the world. His clients have included special force military operators, law enforcement officers, airline cabin crew, close protection teams and everyone else in between.

Most widely recognized for the development of the Crazy Monkey Defense modern martial arts system, he is also a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. He has been interviewed on some of the worlds leading podcasts, an author,  and writer for key publications such as SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report).

Rodney’s undergraduate work was in psychology and he earned his Masters in Leading Innovation & Change.

He  completed is PhD, with a research focus in the role mindfulness plays in peak leadership performance. As such, Rodney is regularly asked to present globally on the role mindfulness plays in peak performance environments.

Outside of growing up in one of the most violent cities in the world, Johannesburg, he spent several years working the door, and served in the South African Military’s VIP protection unit. As a platoon sergeant, he was the lead unarmed combatives trainer.

As a fellow martial artist who has a powerful mindset and is a master at winning, Rodney King inspires, teaches and has taken his life of training to empower others to take on life and win. He is a true master in his art and a warrior with the knowledge and the grit anyone would want to learn from.

Dr. Mark Green

Lieutenant Colonel US Army (retired)

Frequently Asked Questions


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