Crazy Monkey Kickboxing

In this course, Lead CMD Trainer Eric Kolesar will introduce you to Crazy Monkey Defense’s approach to kickboxing. Bringing his vast experience in Muay Thai, K1 and over a decade training and coaching CMD, Eric will show you how to develop an unstoppable kickboxing game, the CMD way.

If you are already familiar with the CMD boxing method, this kickboxing course will integrate seamlessly with the game you are already familiar with. Even if you have never trained Crazy Monkey boxing, you will gain keen insights into a practical, no frills approach to applying kicking to the striking game.

Current Running Time: 4hrs 13min

Current Course Contents (you can go through the actual course sections bottom of this page to see each lesson):

  • Introduction
  • Essential Tools
  • Core Kicks
  • Defense for Core Kicks
  • Putting it All Together
  • Partner Kickboxing Drills
  • Heavy Bag Drills
  • CM Kickboxing Example

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Course Instructor

Eric Coach

Vice President of Global Trainer Operations at Crazy Monkey Defense & Monkey-Jits International

CM Kickboxing

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