Over 30-weeks, Dr. Rodney King will be your coach, taking you through 30-modules covering the key foundations to enable you to teach and build your students ground game.

A key focus of the overall Monkey-Jits curriculum is that we focus on teaching students important aspects of grappling in self-preservation first. We then move onto understanding positional control, escaping positions, along with a strong focus on high percentage submissions.

At the end of the 30-weeks you will be given the opportunity to be evaluated. On passing, you will then be certified to teach Monkey Jits’ FLOW-CORE30 program, while you continue to work towards your next belt level with us. After completing the FLOW-CORE30 you will then be given access to our Road to Blue belt program.


Join our Global Monkey Jits Trainers Team
  • Full Access to FLOW-CORE30
  • Access regular live Zoom Jits sessions for Trainers
  • Become a Member of our Trainers Only Telegram Group so You can Access the Collective Jiu-Jitu Intelligence of our Global Team
  • Global Brand Recognition & Belt Recognition
  • Represent an impeccable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lineage
  • Train and Qualify in Jiu-Jitsu under Rigan Machado 4th Degree Black Belt Dr. Rodney King ('Coach')

Course Information


Course Instructor

Dr. Rodney
Dr. Rodney Author

Dr. Rodney King has taught personal threat management all over the world. His clients include special force military operators, law enforcement officers, and close protection teams. He completed is PhD, with a research focus in the role mindfulness plays in peak leadership performance.

Getting Started With Monkey-Jits OS For Trainers

Warm-Up & Exercises

Flow Block 1: Street Take downs

Flow Block 2: Street Standing Submissions

Flow Block 3: Keeping The Fight Standing

Flow Block 4: Surviving The Take down & Safety Stand

Flow Block 5: Surviving the Closed Striking Guard

Flow Block 6: Passing The Guard Techniques & Concepts

Flow Block 7: Countering 4P Passes

Flow Block 8: Full Half Guard & Escapes

Flow Block 9: Sweeps From The Bottom Guard

Flow Block 10: 5P Top Side-Control

Flow Block 11: Escaping 5P Side-Control

Flow Block 12: 5S Side-Control Submissions

Flow Block 13: Scarf Holds, Escapes & Submissions

Flow Block 14: Knee-Ride

Flow Block 15: Knee-Ride Submissions

Flow Block 16: North-South Position

Flow Block 17: North-South Submissions

Flow Block 18: Escaping North-South

Flow Block 19: Gaining & Capturing The Mount

Flow Block 20: Primary Mount Submissions

Flow Block 21: Escaping The Mount

Flow Block 22: Holding Side-Mount


Flow Block 23: Side-Mount Escapes

Flow Block 24: Side-Mount Submissions

Flow Block 25: Controlling Turtle Position

Flow Block 26: Turtle Position Escapes

Flow Block 27: Turtle Position Submissions

Flow Block 28: Gaining & Controlling The Back Mount

Flow Block 29: Back Mount Escapes

Flow Block 30: Back Mount Submissions

MJ Trainer | Student Evaluation Criteria

+42 enrolled

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