Take a history journey with us as we go back in time to some of Coach Rodney’s first courses. Some of these were shot over 2 decades ago now. While they are no longer for sale to the public, it is an important glimpse into how Rodney’s coaching and programs have evolved over the years. Evolution aside, what remains however is still extremely valuable information in developing your fight game.

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Dr. Rodney King has taught personal threat management all over the world. His clients include special force military operators, law enforcement officers, and close protection teams. He completed is PhD, with a research focus in the role mindfulness plays in peak leadership performance. Rodney is regularly asked to present on the role of mindfulness in peak performance environments. As such, Rodney was a speaker at the Disruptive Passenger Global Security Event in London (2019) where he presented on the role of mindfulness in overcoming Amygdala Hijacking in an aviation security context. Rodney served in the South African Military’s VIP protection unit, and as a platoon sergeant was the lead unarmed combatives trainer for his unit.


The SBG Series

Street Boxing Series

Quantum Crazy Monkey

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USA Clinch DVD

The Fight Compass

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Championship Crazy Monkey Series

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Volume 3

The Viking Seminar

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