Crazy Monkey Defense will teach you how to survive hostile mind-sets, and ensure that you are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges.

"Rodney [creator of CMD] is the 'real deal' when it comes to all things 'street'. I 100% encourage students of the arts to investigate what Rodney King has to offer. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't."
Richard Norton
5th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Award winning Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, and Martial Artist

Crazy Monkey Defense integrates real world self-preservation training, built upon a proven combat athletic game platform. Further, we empower our students to take the lessons gained on the mat to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully!

"I’ve been a fan of the Crazy Monkey Defence for many years. It was a great privilege to have Rodney come out to Kings Academy to teach a seminar. It was even better to see his passion for teaching and the effectiveness of what he taught. I look forward to having him out to Kings Academy for a follow up seminar when he’s next back in the country."
Elvis Sinosic
MMA Star & UFC veteran, UFC Fight Week co-host on @FoxSportsAus

Rodney teaching at the Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) has been taught to, and deployed by some of the world’s finest modern day warriors. We have taught CMD to special force military operators, law enforcement teams, and close protection groups. As such, CMD has been successfully deployed in various environments, from the battlefield, hot steaming jungles, to the urban sprawl and city streets.

The ability of Crazy Monkey Defense to do so, speaks to the functionality of the system to morph and cross-platform to various self-preservation environments. This is why when I talk about CMD in respect to dealing with interpersonal violence, I define it as an All Terrain Combat Athletically Based Self-Preservation system. 

"Rodney King is years ahead of his time, he has taken his martial arts to the level of budo, where few dare to go. I am a big fan."
Geoff Thompson
Martial Artist, Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning AuthoMartial Artist, Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning Author

From the Mat into The World

However, although learning self-preservation skills is a default in Crazy Monkey Defense training, what most excites us about coaching the program to others — is how we purposively empower our students to apply the lessons they learn on the mat to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully. Self-mastery then through the experience of Crazy Monkey Defense, is part of everything we do.

"As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. Rather than building a martial art around fear of attack, testosterone-based competition, or external rewards King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. In a field steeped in tradition, King artfully reimagines both the dojo and the martial arts business mentality. At long last, we have a perfect union of proven martial arts techniques with cutting edge approaches to teaching and personal development. As a martial artist myself, King’s methods are a breath of fresh air."
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener
The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology

Why Choose Crazy Monkey Defense?

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) is the ‘thinking man’s modern martial arts experience.’ If you are looking for a hyper-competitive, or drenched in reality based self-defense paranoia kind of martial arts experience — then CMD simply isn’t for you. There are loads of people teaching those kinds of experiences, and you can find them anywhere on YouTube or street corners.


If you want to engage your valuable time in a modern martial arts experience that is more than simply about learning how to fight — then CMD is for you.

 Crazy Monkey Defense integrates proven self-preservation skills, with cutting edge tools from the field of performance psychology  — to offer a modern martial arts experience that will enable you to purposefully show up with clarity, poise and equanimity. You may never have to use the self-preservation skills we coach you, but you are guaranteed to use the inner fitness skills you develop on the mat to right hook life.