Crazy Monkey’s Glove Ranking System

Unlike many other evaluation systems in martial arts that focus on a demonstration of techniques, Crazy Monkey’s glove’s program focuses on performance. We champion a competency-based learning approach, where students move ahead primarily based on their demonstration of what they know and can do rather than simply based on the time spent in training. Rather than asking a student to demonstrate pre-learned scenarios, we want to see our students engage with the ‘techniques’ they have learned against an uncooperative, resisting opponent. CMD’s glove system is built around Crazy Monkey’s 3-CORE games.

White Gloves (CM1 Game) = the CM1 Game focuses on the outside game (sometimes referred to the long range in other martial arts programs). Here a student learns how to apply key skills in CMD, from CM1 hand defense, along with correct movement, against a resisting opponent. Here we devote time to ensuring a student can actively manage and maintain the outside game against an resisting opponent.

Blue Gloves (CM2 Game) = The CM2 Game focuses on the mid-line game. This is one of the toughest ranges in a fight to master. It is a range where you have to manage the incoming attacks from your opponent, while engage with your own fight tools. In blue gloves, we focus on ensuring a student builds their ability to take the fight to the opponent, with CM2 hand defense and evasive movements. When it comes time to evaluate for the completion of blue and moving to purple gloves, a student must be able to demonstrate through working against a resisting opponent that they can apply both the CM1 and CM2 games in the fight.

Purple Gloves (CM3 Game) = CM3 Game focuses on the close quarter game. The focus in purple gloves shifts to closing the distance and fighting out of the clinch. It is at this time that students learn our signature ‘straight-jacket clinch’ game. Striking now includes elbows, knees and other close quarter fight skills. In order for a student to evaluate for the completion of the purple gloves program they need to be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of how to apply CM1,2,3 against a resisting opponent.

Bronze Gloves (CM4 Game) = CM4 Game focuses on game integration. At this stage of training we focus on seamlessly integrating the CM1, 2 and 3 games. A high level of skill is required in order to seamlessly bring together all three games against a resisting opponent. In addition, we focus on strategies and tactics on dealing with different kinds of opponents, as well as how to diverse one’s own fighting style.

Silver Gloves (CM5 Game) = CM5 Game focuses on a persons inner architecture. Your level of inner game can mean the difference between winning or losing a fight. Although we have taught inner game strategies to students since white gloves, in silver gloves we work towards mastery.

Trainers Evaluation

Trainers in Crazy Monkey are evaluated under the same criteria as students for each glove ranking, in addition they must also be able  to coach the material. As a Trainer completes each subsequent glove ranking they are expected to consistently improve their coaching skills. Our 2nd highest rank Golden Gloves for Trainers is reserved not only for a person with an exceptional fight game, but in addition a mastery level in coaching others to do the same.


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