Hey Coach Rodney King here…

I have spent my entire adult life teaching people how to keep themselves safe in interpersonal violent confrontations. This has included both empty hand and against various weapons. Non are as brutal than having to defend oneself against an EDGED weapon.

In my time working the door for several years outside some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs I became intimately acquainted with the horrors of edged weapon use. I have used weapons and have had weapons used against me. In fact on two occasions I had no choice but to go hands on and disarm someone with a blade. It wasn’t pretty, or Jason Bourne, but I learned real world lessons from those encounters. I also quickly realized that much of what is taught in ‘knife defense’ will fail.

Through my real world experience and decades teaching others, from the everyday person to law enforcement officers and special force military teams – I have put together a no-nonsense program in defending EDGED weapons. I am also well aware that knife attacks are on the rise, so I feel it is imperative I get this information out in hopes it will save someones life. There is no better way to achieve this by having level headed, qualified instructors leading the charge on defending EDGED weapons.

Now for the first time I am offering my Level 1 Instructors Program – A Primer in EDGED Weapons Defense outside of my Tea (this course has only ever been offered in person – but due to Covid I am offering it now for a limited time virtually).

No matter your defensive tactics background, affiliation, or current fighting system, my EDGED Defense program will allow you to teach a real world, no-nonsense approach to this difficult, but largely misunderstood subject.


The Best News…


And as noted, due to the ongoing pandemic I am offering this instructor certification virtually. See all the details below!


I am Only Accepting The First 10 Applicants




Rodney is the 'real deal' when it comes to all things 'street'. I 100% encourage students of the arts to investigate what Rodney King has to offer. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.
Richard Norton
Legendary Martial Artist, Actor, Fight Choreographer

How It Works & What You Will Learn

Over 4-weeks we will virtually meet each Saturday via a live Zoom coaching session (time will be announced closer to the start date and based on participants locations. Ill fit into your schedule as best I can).

Each Zoom session will run for 2-hours. The weeks in-between Zoom sessions you will be given specific, but manageable homework to complete before the next live Zoom session. There will be 8-hours of live Zoom instruction in total, plus approximately 4 additional hours of homework to complete.

 While it would be great if you have someone to work with during the live Zoom sessions, you can choose to watch the session, and watch the recording as well, and find a friend or partner to work through the material the following week. I have tried to make participating in the course as flexible as possible. Outside of a reliable internet connection, and a practice blade, you don’t require any other equipment. 

At the end of the 4-weeks you will submit your video assignment for evaluation. On passing you will be sent your 12-month license to teach my 4-hour workshop: A Primer in EDGED Defense. This workshop has been specifically designed to teach an inexperienced audience on building a strong foundation in dealing with EDGED weapon attacks [ If you have any presign-up question please EMAIL ME ]…but do so soon as space is very limited.

Zoom Coaching Session 1 : Blade Dynamics

In this session we look at the fundamentals of how the blade moves and moving the blade. We then delve into the ramifications of the psychoemotional and physiological state of engaging in interpersonal violence. We conclude our first session looking at the S.O.E Protocol. In addition throughout all sessions we look at case studies, identifying what went right and what went wrong.

Zoom Coaching Session 2 - Dealing With the Close Quarter EDGED weapon

In our 2nd session we begin with a focus on dealing with varied lines of blade attacks primarily from a close quarter position. This includes the 6D Defense: High Front, Mid-Front, High-side, Mid-Side, Mid-Back, Back to Throat. Throughout this session you will learn about ESR-CDS methodology in ensuring surviving an EDGED attack in defense.

Zoom Coaching Session 3: Thrusts & Slashes

In our 3rd session you learn how to deal with an active EDGED weapon. Here we primarily look at thrusts and slashes, and applying proactive methods to engage, survive, and win. We spend more time as well building off important empty hand strikes that those you teach will need to master to successfully defend against an EDGED weapon.

Zoom Coaching Session 4: ARCS Pedagogy

Our final session serves two purposes. Firstly as an overview, and troubleshooting session. Secondly to introduce you to my ARCS pedagogy. If we agree that we need to make EDGED defense training realistic as possible, how does one do so, while ensuring safety of all participants? ARCS will enable you to do exactly this.

What's Included in Certification

The rights to teach my 4-hour Primer in EDGED Defense Workshop

While The Primer in EDGED Defense has been specifically designed as a 4-hour workshop that you can deliver to any inexperienced audience, you may also teach the process as you deem fit. For example in a one-on-one personal training settings or integrate it into any other defensive tactics system you already teach.

Keep all the fees you make from teaching the workshop

You get to keep all the fees you collect for teaching the Primer in EDGED Defense Workshop to others. It's easy to recoup your ROI. I have charged anywhere from $40 per-person up for people attend a workshop or $300 up for one on one instruction.

1-Year Instructors License

Included in your special offer certification fee of $480 is 1-year unlimited license to teach The Primer In EDGED Defense material. You will then be able to renew your license at $480 per-calendar year there after.

So for your first 12 months as an EDGED L1 Instructor you get the virtual course as well as your license to teach (the course alone is typically $600 and does not include the license. So this is a fantastic offer).

Use of Intellectual Property

You may legally use the EDGED Defense Instructor's logo to identify yourself as a Level 1 Instructor, and or to advertise yourself as such on various social media platforms, and or your website. You may also use the handout and curriculum outlines.

Access Recordings of All Zoom Sessions

You will be given unlimited access as long as your instructors license is current to all the Zoom recordings of the live sessions you originally attended. This is hosted online via my virtual learning platform.

Access Future Primer in EDGED Defense Courses

You may attend future Primer in EDGED Defense virtual instructors courses at no extra charge. This is suggested as both a refresher and to keep abreast of latest innovations in the program.

Discounted Rates on the L2 Instructor EDGED Defense Course

You will be afforded a 50% discount on the L2 EDGED Defense Instructors course should you want to take your training further. Currently this course is only offered in person and covers using offensive EDGED weapons, as well as surviving various EDGED scenarios, including the ground.