Great To Be Mentioned…But You Don’t Know CMD!

“If you want to keep your head on your shoulders in a fight, I strongly recommend Rodney’s Crazy Monkey Defense Program.” – Adam Shahir Kayoom – World Professional Muay Thai Champion and Muay Khmer Champion

Sadly, as it is with many things, you get known for one thing, but then no one bothers to do proper research on the rest. For example, there are many combat athletes that have used ‘Crazy Monkey’ in the cage or the ring, but often, who ever showed them, only covered the very ‘basics’ of the defence (only!). The rest of the system was left out. Watching a DVD, and then teaching it to your athlete, doesn’t qualify you in understanding the system. Not to mention, no DVD, or course I have ever created that is available online, can offer the nuances necessary to give you all the tools of the CMD game like in person training. That’s why we have a trainers program.

This clip below, although great to be mentioned in the UFC, is a prime example of this misunderstanding. Not withstanding, that the defence itself, is done incorrectly, and totally misunderstood in this clip.

First off, the defensive hand action in Crazy Monkey while it’s most noticeable feature, doesn’t work, if you simply plug it into a game plan it wasn’t designed for. For example Bass Rutten who I respect immensely, mentioned Crazy Monkey too, but suggested if someone used it, he would just hit them in the body. The person he was demonstrating on, besides just standing there, not moving, also wasn’t standing in a Hunchback stance, but instead completely erect — something we fervently oppose, because we know then — that the defence will be less effective, and of course your body is then vulnerable.

There is a reason we execute our striking game out of a hunchback stance, there is also a reason why there is a CM1 hand defence designed for distance, and CM2 hand defence designed for more close quarter situations, or to close the gap. If Tito Ortiz was one of my students, that’s what he would have been taught, along with the strategic game plan (this is key) that we teach all our students. While Ortiz might have used a hand defence that looked like CM, he never learned it from us.

While just applying the defence may be the first step in building a great striking game, it cannot simple be done on its own. In the clip above, the assumption is that it’s only for the hook lines, when if you look at the example below, when done properly by people trained in CMD, you can clearly see there is defence for all the major lines. Crucially, the example below is what you use when at a distance, you wouldn’t do that if pressed up against a cage, as you would need the rest of the game plane, and CM2 hand defence. If you fast forward to about 2min-11seconds into the video you will see them both start applying the CM2 game, to cover the distance. How many body shovel hooks do you spot in this clip that lands? Not many, simply because of excellent range management, and understanding the CM Fight Spiral Game Plan. As a side note, this clip is 2-years old, both these athletes are a 1000 better now.

AND before someone throws a comment about small gloves etc, below is an example of the same methods applied without gloves, for self-preservation (take note too, there is a lot more done here than simple defense)

If you up for doing the research, here are a few articles I have written, that will bring all of this into context:

The Offensive-Defensive Paradigm: What’s Not Evolving In The Fight Game

Crazy Monkey Key Concepts

Crazy Monkey: More Than Hand Defense

Bottom line, and I want to make this VERY clear for the martial art trolls reading this. NOWHERE am I suggesting that Crazy Monkey is unbeatable. I would never be that egotistical or brazen to suggest that. Fighters win and lose all the time, I am also always trying to make the program better, and there is a reason there is something called ‘fight strategy.’ But what I do want to make clear, that what was presented above in the first clip, and what was said, is incorrect – and anyone who has actually trained with me in person would know that. Here’s from someone I have ACTUALLY trained…..

“I found that Rodney King’s Crazy Monkey Defense Program really helped me in my professional Muay Thai Fights. It helped me to stay calm as I felt confident in weathering any storm. My knowledge of CM also helped me maintain little to no damage to my face in my major Muay Thai Fights in Thailand. In addition to this, it gave me confidence in dealing with elbow strikes, thus allowing me to strike back more effectively. Having worked predominately on the ground with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I found that CM was the perfect program for me and gave me confidence in my stand up abilities.

I love Rodney’s CM Program because of the versatility of its concepts and principles. The philosophies behind CM can be extended beyond the stand up game. I have personally found that the CM principles can be applied to my Jiu-Jitsu classes as well. Rodney’s style of coaching is straight forward, realistic and easy to understand. Though Rodney takes a no-nonsense approach to coaching, he also manages to inject an element of humour in his classes. What he teaches is readily applicable in real life situations, be that in or out of the ring. Rodney has helped develop my teaching style and my understanding of coaching for the better. I extend my sincere gratitude to Rodney and his Crazy Monkey Defense Program and would recommend this program in a heartbeat.”
– Adam Shahir Kayoom – World Professional Muay Thai Champion and Muay Khmer Champion

For the MMA athletes out there, I am always available to help you ‘level up’ your stand up game. But don’t learn CMD from someone not in my program, and don’t learn it from a DVD, or especially second hand knowledge of it — bring me out, here’s my email [email protected]

I will leave you with this….


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