”All good things are wild and free”
—Henry David Thoreau

ARE YOU Feeling Anxious, Fragmented and Struggling to find Meaning IN YOUR LIFE?

Join US FOR THE {INSTINCT CODE} RETREAT in Thailand, where through an immersive, practical experience deeply connected to nature you will REDISCOVER HOW to show up in life with poise, focus, and clarity.

The Truth is, Everything You Require
to be Fulfilled is Already Within You!

And Nooooo….Not in some kind of pop-spirituality Woo, Woo, self-help kind of way…

But rather hardwired within you, reaching all the way back to first man. Deep within what is often considered your primitive instincts lies the secret to showing up in life with poise, focus and clarity. This starts with learning how to communicate with your your inner state, your biology.

The lesson here is as old as time, but profound:


Learn to Riˈwīld Yourself
& Unlock Your {Instinct Code}…

Hey Dr. Rodney King here…but everyone calls me ‘Coach’…

As a survivor of both mental and physical abuse, I can tell you that simply trying to think your way through your problems is limited, and largely ineffective. I tried for years to turn my mental anguish around with my thinking mind alone, with practices such as positive thinking and positive affirmations, but with little success.

I continued to make little or no progress until I began to realize that I was going about personal change and transformation the wrong way around. Instead of trying to make positive change in my life from the head down I began to turn it upside down. I threw personal mastery on it’s head and gave equal focus from the bottom up. One of the most profound lessons I have learned over the years is that your embodied state informs your fate. In other words, how you interpret the stirrings, sensations and feelings arising from inside your body, and your ability to move them in the direction you most desire, is the most effective and lasting way I have found to realize positive personal transformation.

Whenever I have found my thinking mind getting the better of me I have been able to change it simply by how I experience and manage my body in that moment. In other words, learning to change your inner state, your biology, changes your behavior, which in turn changes your mind.

The {Instinct Code} is the culmination of my life’s work both as a martial arts teacher, embodied philosopher, ecopsychology practitioner and Seeker. Its an experience that I developed first to overcome my own roadblocks in my life.

I have integrated findings from my research as a social scientist (studying mindfulness-in-action from an embodied perspective), as an environmental psychology researcher (studying the role nature plays in healing), along with  my own personal embodied practice, and as a martial arts teacher for over three decades.

The lessons held within the {Instinct Code} experience has enabled myself and my students to develop true self-reliance and mastery no matter what life throws at us.

What I teach is that held within your body’s natural instincts — lies the keys to lasting fulfillment. I write ‘fulfillment’ here on purpose, instead of ‘happiness’. Happiness is often momentary, whilst fulfillment is long term. Unlike the Western Pollyanna notion of happiness, fulfillment doesn’t mean the search for a life free from stress. Rather it is through embracing, molding and shaping stress that poise, focus and clarity is possible despite life’s chaos.

The {Instinct Code} is a personal mastery program explored through mind and movement, while fully reconnecting to the energy of the natural world. In doing so, you will discover the positive application of your primal nature in the service of overcoming obstacles in your life.

Spend an Incredible 5-days With Me,
My Team and other Seekers from
all Over the World in Rayong, Thailand….

Come spend time with me, my good friend Aaron Le Boutillier and my Son (your primal drumming coach) at my home Tree Roots Retreat nestled in a sleepy fishing village only a couple of hours drive from Bangkok.

Over 5-days we will together explore what it means to embody the life affirming aspects of your {Instinct code} experienced through the path of your primal state and so you can show up in life fully self-reliant.

We will achieve this through practical training grounded in accessible martial arts practice (mainly with jiu jitsu and boxing..and you don’t need any experience in either to attend), embodied philosophy, mindfulness in-action, and neurobiology.

Throughout the {Instinct Code} experience you will also revisit the healing power of play through learning how to drum with my son Egan, and Rewild yourself by immersing yourself in the natural world.

Over the 5-days We Will Explore Together:


Master an 'embodied' approach to mindfulness, so that you can purposefully choose to become fully attuned to the present moment with clarity, composure and calmness especially in a difficult situations.


Discover that the separation of mind and body is an illusion, and instead how to harness the natural intelligence of your body so you can show up in life like a on your own terms.


Steady your inner state so you can surf life’s chaos. by learning how to speak to your nervous system so you can keep calm in the face of obstacles. You will also explore and learn about the healing power of nature backed by science in aiding you becoming more calm, and focused.


Finally we will look at how to unlock the Flow State so you can as surfing legend Shaun Tomson notes, "surf that next big wave in your life!"

Throughout the {Instinct Code} Experience You will Rediscover the Healing Benefits of the Natural World, while Reconnecting to Your Mind & Body. Get Ready to Riˈwīld Yourself.