Law Enforcement & Military WYB Certifications




The Weaponize-Your-Body (WYB) empty hand self-preservation system was developed, evolved and was built off the world famous Crazy Monkey Defense Program. During this period, the program was further divided into the Combat Intelligent Officer/Soldier programs for those unique audiences. This is why in some of our older testimonials previous students ‘reference’ Crazy Monkey Defense, CMD, CIO or CIS. As of 2018, all of these ‘self-preservation’ specific programs were brought together under the Weaponize-Your-Body moniker.

WYB is the brainchild of Coach Rodney King. Rodney is recognized as a world authority, and leading innovator in developing, and deploying, robust, real world empty hand self-preservation solutions. For over two decades, his programs have been deployed to meet empty hand self preservation threats both on the battlefield, and the mean inner city streets.

As noted, as of 2018, WYB became a stand-alone program offering, to meet the continued global need for an accessible, functional, accelerated learning approach to real world empty hand self-preservation. In addition, WYB was designed to be a stand-alone program that could be taught within a constrained time frame.

As such WYB offers accelerated learning options, that can be taught and deployed in a variety of settings, from corporate self-defense workshops – to ensuring law enforcement officers, military operators, and close protection teams have the necessary empty hand defensive skills when they need it most.


“simple, functional, effective, non attribute based – and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system.” ‘DD’ Head Trainer, US Army Special Forces Group


Teaching anyone how to both confront, and deal with interpersonal violence, by the very nature of the subject makes it difficult. Applying empty hand defensive and offensive tactics then invariably requires a teaching approach that goes beyond simply the teaching and practice of those skills.

In the midst of interpersonal conflict, the defender has to not only deal with the psychophysiological changes that drive the attackers behavior, but invariably his own. This is why any pedagogical approach to learning to deal with interpersonal violence, needs to be taught from both the physical, biological, and psychological components.

In the Weaponize-Your-Body pedagogy our solution to teaching interpersonal violence is not simply a physical one (sadly how most empty hand defensive tactics programs are taught). In WYB we ensure that our approach not only teaches a participant how to recognize their biological changes that happen to their own body in violent encounter – but then in turn, how to manage those inner experiences more effectively – while being able to deploy the necessary physical techniques to neutralize the threat.






We believe that the human body is already an evolutionary primed self-defense system. Our goal in the Weaponize-Your-Body programs is to teach participants how to engage, mold, and apply their primal survival system to effectively neutralize an interpersonal violent threat.

To this end, while we recognize for example that the needs of military operators, may be different to that of a civilian approach to empty hand self-preservation – all of our courses are grounded in four key components. Throughout the certification process you will be taught how to deploy several key modules. Each module consists of key segments that make up the core teaching blocks of each module. Modules can be deployed directly one after the other, or over a few days depending on the audience you are teaching.


If someone is going to survive an interpersonal violent encounter, it is crucial that they understand what will happen to their body when faced with a threat. In this section of training we focus on the physiological changes that take place in an interpersonal violent experience, with tactics to help participants deal with those automatic changes.


Sometimes going hands on with a potential threat isn’t desirable. Depending on the situation, talking a potential human threat down, is a victory in of its self. In this section of training, we introduce participants to our COATS method of deescalation, and other strategies and tactics.


People are typically not aware of their surroundings. There can be numerous reasons for this, from being glued to one’s smartphone in the civilian word, to the fog of the battlefield. In this section of training, we teach participants how to ensure that they are situationally aware, understand what that means, and how to both develop and deploy it as a skill.


Focusing on high percentage, easily learned primal defense and offensive tactics, participants learn how to keep themselves physically safe. We offer a varied spectrum of physical force solutions – from a baseline approach designed to be deployed with participants who have no previous backgrounds in offensive/defensive physical tactics – to more advanced methods.


“I have taken many defensive tactics and law enforcement courses in the past and all of them deal with attacks on the low end of the force spectrum. The combat intelligence officer course is the first course I have taken that deals with realistic violent attacks on officers.” -Darrell Morrison – Deputy Sheriff, Saskatoon SK, Canada


“I am a Police Officer, however am only 5 foot 3, weight 8 stone and have been training in Rodney’s program for a little over a year. In so many cases, moves that I have learned have entirely saved me in situations that often see me up against one or more persons that are a lot bigger and stronger than me.” – Lissa Barklie – Law Enforcement Officer, Isle Of Man


I would like to thank Rodney for an awesome experience, what a training event. Inner game training is simply a very neglected area and I am glad we had unique opportunity to start to work with such a professional mental game coach like Rodney. We got to learn a core inner game plan and several strategies, that exceeded all our expectations. Learning to deal with highly stressful situations, fear, low self-confidence after mistakes are simply part of our everyday experience as operators. However the question was always, “how to overcome them.” But now, thanks to Rodney, we have a logical step-by-step blueprint we can use to overcome these inner obstacles. Huge thanks to Rodney for his professional approach — he is true leader who raised our performance levels to new heights. – KAUCUK – Slovak Spec. Op Team Leader


“As a ten year veteran Police Officer in a large city, I am confronted daily with subjects of various size, strength, and skill levels. Rodney King’s program provides me with the tools I need to protect myself and others from aggressive suspects. I have always sought out functional training systems and when I found Rodney’s program, I knew that this system was effective and fills the void left from where our defensive tactics training left off. I am excited to train what Rodney teaches and am encouraging others in my department to do the same!” M.S. Rounsville – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office



I had the pleasure of receiving training from Rodney King in Canada in 2010. Being in Law Enforcement for 10 years and 7 as a self defense instructor, this has been the most beneficial training I have received in Self Defense Instruction. Most of our training is based on the suspects not putting up a fight or passively resistant. This training shows how to react when the fight is on and your life is on the line. The benefit of the training is that in one day we were able to incorporate it into our program. The principles are simple and officers are able to incorporate them immediately. I look forward to receiving more training from Rodney in the future.” – Cst Casey Ward – RPS SWAT CID, Canada


“Rodney’s approach to inner game training allowed every team member to reach their full physical and mental potential. It also allowed everyone to keep a consistent performance level. Its effectiveness helped in particular situations where stress and frustration are a daily occurrence. Rodney has created whole mental game approach that was able to turbo charge our self-confidence and focus under pressure. Two critical elements for the battlefield, as a Team Leader that I have personally enjoyed was “dealing with mental game problems” and been able to analyse them and implement a “purposeful thinking” methodology. This simply opened another world for my guys and myself. The training was an awesome opportunity to gain new knowledge and apply it in live action. An outstanding training program. We are looking forward to seeing Rodney next year in 2008 for a follow-up!” – ‘JUDO’ – Slovak Spec. Op’s Team Leader


“Finally! Functional defensive tactics training for law enforcement! Thank you Rodney King. As a law enforcement officer and defensive tactics instructor I am always looking for newly evolved training to enhance our programs. The tactics available to us now are geared towards a compliant subject and leave a lot to chance when facing a suspect who wants to take you out. Rodney’s’ program and stand up game deliver effective defense to gain control of a combative situation quickly using gross motor movements and allows the officer to transition to other tools as needed. As a defensive tactics instructor the Rodney’s program is a solid foundation for any law enforcement training unit. 2 thumbs up!” – Constable Julie Clark – Saskatoon Police Service