Part 1: The 5 Pillars of Safety & Self-Preservation

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Weaponize Your Body (WYB) team blog. I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Rodney King the founder of the Crazy Monkey Defense system and the CEO of WYB for asking me to write the first installment of our blog. My name is Derrick, most of my friends call me Dee, I operate WYB-Seattle and I am the team Gun Monkey. I hope these words reach all of you in safety regardless of the level of quarantine or movement control order you may be subject to.  As always, stay safe.

From a world perspective, and I have worked professionally across the globe, the area I live in is safe… Safe being a relevant term and the relative safety in my region which has always been taken for granted, has degraded substantially. Again, it is still relatively safe.

Most of the people in my community are decent folk that just want to live their lives peaceably. Fortunately for them they have never lived in an area where violence and lawlessness was the rule of the day. In my community, prior to the quarantine, our local officials created an environment where law enforcement officials could no longer protect themselves or arrest criminals; prosecutors could no longer prosecute them and judges could no longer punish them. This non-accountability cycle has encouraged a counter-community of violent offenders that know there will be zero consequences to their lawless behavior.

As a young man, I entered and dedicated myself to the profession of arms and developed an approach I have coined as the Five Pillars of Safety and Self-Preservation.  They are:

  1. Strength & Conditioning
  2. Open Hand Combatives
  3. Intermediate Tools
  4. Edged Weapons and
  5. Firearms

Like the pillars of a bridge, no one pillar is more or less valuable than the other. Remove one pillar and the others are stressed and may fail, and the whole bridge collapses. Strengthen all five, and the bridge will not only bear its heavy burden temporarily, it will survive.

Next week I will begin to discuss the First and Second Pillars of the Five Pillars of Safety and Self-Preservation.

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