Part 4: The 5 Pillars of Safety & Self-Preservation

Welcome back, I hope you have been looking forward to the fourth and final installment of The Five Pillars of Safety and Self-Preservation series. In this installment I will firearms and then leave you with my final thoughts and parting shots.

5. Firearms

[Really! Check your local laws and customs.] I have carried firearms for over two decades and trained others in their use and deployment for about the same amount of time.

No matter what level of force was being used against you, prior to your introduction of a firearm, it is now definitively at a lethal level. Firearms are not inherently lethal. I will repeat that. Firearms are not inherently lethal. They require an operator to aim and discharge it. Let’s be clear though, the movies have “shoot outs” completely wrong.

If you employ a firearm in a self-preservation scenario, it will be lethal. There will be no shooting the gun out of someone’s hand. That particular kind of nonsense will only get you killed and most likely cause the death of innocent bystanders.

I have carried, trained with, trained others and used multiple types and classifications of firearms. I tend towards Glocks and Galils given most operational environments but have been known to use other firearms based on any number of variables, such as: the way I needed to dress, concealment requirements and a weapon’s local availability.

I will leave you at this point with my final parting thoughts and parting shots.

1. If the day ever comes that you have to fight for your life, the only thing that will determine the outcome is if you have ever trained and prepared for that fight. &

2. If you think you can survive a violent act without violence then you have already lost.

Train. Prepare for what I hope never happens, and as always, stay safe.

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