Where The Mat, Meets the Street & Life!

All our programs are built upon our Mat, Street & Life Philosophy.

Today in the modern martial arts world their is a skewed focus on hyper-competitiveness and extreme versions of reality based self defense. Both of which focus on the best methods to dispense with the opponent, while largely turning their back on the Art.

At Crazy Monkey we believe that Martial and ART should be balanced.

Here we ask both ourselves as coaches and our students to acknowledge what holds us back in life. Then through the experience on the mat to overcome those obstacles.

For example: if you are overly aggressive in your everyday life and it’s causing you problems in your personal life, then the mat should become a place where you learn to become calm. As such, life informs the mat, as much as the mat informs life.

Why Do You Want To Train in Martial Arts?

Do you want to show up in life more angry, paranoid, and stressed out, or the opposite? In other words confident, focused, and calm!

Either of these options are possible through the martial arts experience—but only the later will lead to personal mastery. It also doesn’t just magically happen. You can train in martial arts for years and never have it show up positively in your life. To have this happen, you have to be part of a martial arts experience that intentionally and purposefully focuses on life performance as one of its key directives.

At the School of Crazy Monkey our primary directive is to infuse cutting edge findings from the science of human flourishing into every lesson with our students on the mat.

The outcome: a modern martial arts experience that will enable you to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully.

Zero Meathead Policy

we have a ‘Zero-Meathead Policy’, and will not allow anyone on our mat who simply wants to physical dominate other human beings for their own personal gain. ‘Leave your ego at the door’ isn’t simply a tagline for us, it’s one of our guiding principles.


Regardless of who you are, or your background, you are welcome on any of our mats around the world (unless you break our Zero Meathead Policy). We have built an inclusive Tribe, where together we work to help each person achieve their personal best.

Balanced Approach to Self-Preservation

If you don’t know much about the world of reality based self-defense (RBSD) count yourself lucky. Most RBSD instructors (or the various other names reality SD goes by) and the environments they create—is built on an extreme, perverted system of supposed self-defense training. These environments are mostly unhealthy, seeing everything as a nail, so the only solution is to ‘hammer’ everything with the physical.

Self-preservation however is more than the day someone tries to hurt you. Self-preservation is about how you live, how you carry yourself in the world, and being instinctively aware of your surroundings to avoid danger to begin with. Winning a potential altercation without ever throwing a punch takes far more skill than eye gouging someone.

Call us idealists, but we still believe that a person’s fighting skills should only be used as a last resort.

Challenge Play Coaching & Learning

Contrary to what most people have been taught in the Western world being in a ‘competitive’ state isn’t the optimal place to be if you want to truly learn. In fact, over the years as we have developed our Challenge-Play Coaching Model we have come to realize that giving a person the space to take risk, to honor mistakes, and to play out the possibilities is what leads to peak performance on the mat and beyond.

Challenge Play is equally a mindset of focusing on your own game, measuring your improvements against your own previous performances (not other people), while seeing your training partners as exactly that, ‘partners’ in your journey to personal growth.

Socially Conscious

The martial arts we train and learn on the mat, doesn’t simply remain on the mat. Every experience you engage in, especially a novel experience like martial arts will rewire your brain. In other words, how you show up on the mat, or how you are asked to be on the mat, wont just remain there, but move into your everyday life.

As such if the training environment is built on aggression, hyper-competitiveness, ego, and in and out groups, what emerges is an unhealthy environment for the human animal. This doesn’t and wont just stay on the mat, but move into every aspect of your life.

This is why we work really hard to ensure that what we create on the mat, and within ourselves is a positive force for good. Our students are given the tools and opportunity to develop presence, a calm disposition, and a focused yet peaceful mind. They leave the mat non-aggressive, and driven to help others less fortunate than themselves.

The goal of each martial artist should be to create less violence in the world!