The Art of Self-Reliance.

The Art of Self-Reliance is forging your own path, on your own terms. But the path is a difficult one – made easier by exploring how others have succeeded in directing their own lives. With their help and inspiration, your path to self-reliance can become a reality.

I went from homeless at 17

To forging a New Path to Success

I come from a really tough background. Brought up on the South Side of Johannesburg in government housing, I survived intense bullying, and an alcoholic abusive mother. When I was 17, she kicked me out of the house in a drunken rage, and I found myself homeless, sleeping on the inner city streets of Johannesburg.

But, I rewrote my story. Through grit, a growth mindset, and the primal skillz development of my martial arts practice I built the skills of self-reliance and I forged a new path to success. Today I teach others how they too can learn take on the martial arts of everyday through the Art of Self Reliance.

In addition, I get to explore with my guests through the Art of Self Reliance PodClass, how they achieved their best self in spite of the obstacles they may have faced in life.

“Dr Rodney King delves deep into the lives of amazing and inspiring individuals to uncover the formula to their self reliant success. In doing so it enables you the listener to learn from the 3 pillars of self reliance - protect, survive and thrive. The outcome, the opportunity to apply those very same skill sets in living a life on your own terms”

DEAN STOTT former British Special Forces Soldier & Double World Record Holder