Bareknuckle Boxing Workshop 2017 (Download Only)




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In this workshop shot at Coach Rodney’s gym in South Africa, he covers core essentials in using boxing for the street. There is a primary focus on applying the tools taught in this seminar for self preservation. This virtual download of the seminar runs for 1h22min and is packed with never before seen techniques that Rodney typically only teaches in his own studio.

The Main Focal Areas in this Seminar Are:

  • Please note, lots of F bombs dropped in this seminar 🙂
  • How to meet the threat and stay safe.
  • Riding the storm of incoming attacks.
  • Controlling the distance.
  • The STAR Defense for defending and keeping the distance.
  • Force Field Rotational Defense to survive a mid-line onslaught.
  • The Forklift, to get a close quarter opponent off you.
  • Attacking Disruptors aka Functional Trapping.
  • Some high percentage striking tools to be used in the various ranges (outside, mid, Close).

Please Note :  You cannot stream this file on a mobile. You have to download it first to your PC, and then you can add it to any device you like.




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