FREE Self-Preservation Course (Online Course Only)





Hey Coach Rodney King Here:

I have put together a very special self-preservation course for you. In this course, I will give you real world insight into the world of surviving interpersonal violence.

While this course is not designed to answer all questions you may have relating to the self-preservation – the material I will be covering will give you real world tools you can apply immediately to keep yourself safe.

Built off Crazy Monkey’s Combat Athletic base, in this course you will learn,

  • Self-Preservation VS. Ego Defense: Why self-preservation isn’t the same as Ego defense. And why the former is more desirable
  • Distance Management: Why keeping the appropriate distance to an aggressive opponent is crucial
  • Verbal Jiu-Jitsu: Why talking down someone is a victory in of itself
  • Defense As Primacy: Why Defense trumps pre-planned offense training
  • The #1 Kick Everyone Should Know: Check out the video class to see it in action


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