Weaponize Your Body: Keep The Fight Standing (Online Course Only)



In this online course Rodney tackles the difficult topic of self-preservation. Often complicated further by lies and half truths. The reality of self-preservation cannot be neatly contained in seven moves to kicking anyone’s ass. In this online course, Rodney attempts to demystify the realities of self-preservation from the often Hollywood portrayed fantasy world of reality based self-defense. As with all of Rodney’s online courses this one will evolve. What is available at present, will be added to, refined and continue to develop.

The current course runs for close on 9h:30min of instruction and covers,

  • Pre-conflict considerations
  • Controlling and securing your safety at a distance
  • How to survive the midline assault
  • Defending the clinch fight
  • An introduction to surviving EDGED weapons
  • An introduction to dealing with a firearm empty hands

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