The CM Games Bundle 1-4 (Download Only)


CM1 - Fighting at a Distance (Download Only)

CM2 - Taking the Fight to The Opponent (Download Only)

CM3 - Close Quarter Fighting (Download Only)

CM4 Game - Integration (Download Only)


This is the full pack of the CM Games downloads. These downloads cover,

  • The CM1 Game: Focused on developing the outside Crazy Monkey boxing game.
  • The CM2 Game: Focused on teaching you how to take the fight to the opponent with your Crazy Monkey boxing game. Here the focus shifts to the mid-line striking game.
  • The CM3 Game: Focuses on close quarter boxing, or sometimes referred to as dirty boxing.
  • The CM4 Game: Brings all three games together (i.e., CM1, CM2, CM3) teaching you how to integrate these various components of the Crazy Monkey boxing game.


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