I started teaching martial arts at 15.
Decades later I am still coaching....

A lot has changed over the years, but I have continued to evolve my programs, creating new innovative solutions, and expanding what I coach beyond just teaching people how to defend themselves. Below you can find out more about my current offerings. Feel free to REACH OUT TO ME personally should you need more information, or to explore opportunities in these various programs by hosting me for a seminar, or to certify. Should you want to find a Trainer in one of my programs that may be closest to you, you can find the CURRENT Trainer’s HERE.

Thank You!



In the world of functional martial arts being able to develop your stand up skills is crucial to successfully defending yourself. Crazy Monkey Defense allows you to do just that, bringing together a proven, field tested approach to developing and honing a formidable stand up fight game. 


Crazy Monkey Defense takes a systematic approach to developing stand up fighting skills. These are skills that are perishable unless kept up. Therefore, we believe that continuous development of skills, honed consistently overtime is required to build a robust fighting platform.

Our curriculum has been developed to allow our students to train weekly, allowing them to sharpen their striking weapons, whilst developing applied knowledge of strategies and tactics to win in a fight.


Crazy Monkey Defense is a combat athletically driven system. Meaning, we explore real fighting ability through pressure testing everything we teach against a resisting, uncooperative opponent (i.e. sparring).

Our students recognize that rather than having a toolbox filled with potential tools, to default rather to a proven 'multi-tool' approach that can be applied and deployed in any terrain they find themselves in.


Over the past two decades we have developed a performance based approach to coaching that focuses on challenge play. Through teaching thousands of students from all over the world, we have discovered that students learn best when they are encouraged to seek personal challenge, measuring their success against their own previous best, and working alongside other teammates that are focused on seeing each other grow and succeed. Crucially Crazy Monkey Defense has an 'Anti-Meathhead' policy in all it's academies around the world. Crazy Monkey is for anyone!



Monkey-Jits (MJ) is Crazy Monkey's approach to the art of jiu-jitsu, under the guidance of Professor Rodney King. Rodney is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Master Rigan Machado. MJ was the 2nd stand alone program developed by Rodney after the worldwide success of the Crazy Monkey Defense System, and is now taught all over the world.


Monkey-Jits focuses on 3-key areas of development. Firstly we ensure our students develop the ability to roll against uncooperative, resisting opponents on the mat in the Academy.

This foundation is then further development by teaching every student how to apply their grappling skills in self preservation (or what we call Street-Jits).

Finally, we ensure that students can actively make the connection between the inner skills obtained on the mat in rolling, and apply those proactively, and positively to their everyday life. 


Monkey-Jits is a combat athletically driven system. Meaning, we explore real grappling efficiency through pressure testing everything we teach against a resisting, uncooperative opponent.

While we love the freedom of rolling, we ensure that we always take into account how that would apply in interpersonal violence. 'Grappling for self-defense' then, in our Academies isn't simply an after thought but one of our primary focuses.


For us Jiu-Jitsu is and should be about the Art of Flow. This is why in MJ our tagline is: Flow as The Way. We have developed several key approaches to teaching that is unique to MJ, allowing anyone to enjoy the experience of grappling. Crucially, through our head coach Dr. Rodney King, we implement the latest finding from performance psychology in our teaching approach, thus allowing us to bring out the best of every student on the mat.




EDGED Defense is our defense against an edged weapons program. It is taught as a stand alone workshop, while many of our Trainers in our other programs integrate EDGED defense into their other modern martial arts offerings.


We take a no-nonsense simplified approach to dealing with EDGED weapons. The focus is on safety, control, and exit to safety.



Over the years we have had the honor to teach defensive tactics to some of the toughest real world warriors, from special force military operators, law enforcement officers, to close protection teams. Much of this work came about from the Crazy Monkey Defense Program.

Over the years we have seen the need for a series of short, focused workshops purely on self-preservation that can be delivered to teams and organizations with training time constraints. As such Weaponize-Your-Body was born.


In the Weaponize-Your-Bodyy approach we believe that what is taught needs to be able to be deployed in any terrain, from steaming hot jungles, to the urban sprawl of city streets. As such WYB has been developed as an all terrain combat athletically based self preservation approach. We take the best from what is often referred to as 'sport fighting' and integrate those skill sets with self-preservation tactics and strategies.


We have taken the best and most proven self preservation components from our sister programs Crazy Monkey Defense and Monkey-Jits and integrated into a series of defensive tactics workshops. These workshops are now taught all over the world both to fortune 500 companies, to special force military operators, law enforcement officers, close protection teams, airline cabin crew and civilians.


We have developed a progressive stress inoculation teaching approach. Starting from where students are, we methodically take them through ever increasing levels of pressure testing so that they are confident to be able to deploy what we have taught them when faced with an interpersonal threat.



WYB G.H.O.S.T is a program Rodney developed specifically for elite military and close protection units that require offensive empty and and EDGED weapons toolkit. Due to the nature of this program we do not advertise what the program encompasses. Should you require more information, please contact Rodney DIRECTLY.