For over 3 decades, I’ve been dedicated to the pursuit of fighting skill development on the mat while exploring how those lessons can show up in life so a person can thrive. At the heart of my work is the embodied philosophy of self-reliance: knowing that you are equipped to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully and win!


Come train with me at Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong, Thailand. The duration is up to you, but my suggestion is a minimum of 5-days. You can come by yourself, with a partner or group (if you have a martial arts academy for example).


Now you can train with me no matter where you live in the world. Virtual coaching sessions are a great option if you can’t come out to spend time with me in-person, but many of my students combine virtual and in-person sessions to get the most support possible.



I spent several years as a social scientist researching the role mindfulness in action plays in leadership performance. I have integrated these findings into a martial arts process that will enable you to show up in life calm, present and focused.



How you show up, all of you is crucial to life’s success. This begins by not only understanding but being able to fully integrate all of yourself into your experience. I will show you how to harness the intelligence of body in service of your life’s goals.



How well you are able to manage your inner state will dictate your fate. I will teach you practical tools, from breathing exercises to somatic (i.e. body) based strategies to enable you to keep calm in the choas of life.


The benefits of finding flow in your life is numerous, from more enjoyment, focus, clarity and experiencing awe. Through our sessions together on the mat, I will teach you how to activate your flow state.


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