Talk is Talk, Without Action!

Most of us have a disconnect between what we say, and what actually unfolds into reality. It’s not surprising to be honest. People’s lives are so complicated. There’s so much vying for our attention, that often, much of what we think we need to be doing gets over shadowed, and weighed down by the grind of living.

One of our greatest enemies to our success are the stories we tell ourselves. It is our stories, the running narrative in our heads, that make our lives so complicated. I have thought a lot about this, and I don’t believe life needs to be so complicated, if, and only if you actually do what you say you are going to do.

Life then becomes simply uncomplicated. It comes down to taking action. Action is always, always, a remedy for ambiguity. Even if the action is wrong, at least you will know for real – and as such not finding yourself living in the fictional space of your mind – you can change that action to see if the outcome is different the next time around.

To much time these days seems to be placed on optimistic notes to the world, but no action.

And this lead to the the crux of the matter.

There is a perception as one person noted to me, “The sad part of it all Rodney is we create our own problems in our mind. We set our selves up for disaster stress and so forth. People must realise the mind is power and what you think and believe so it shall be.”

As far as I am concerned, ‘thinking’ is always still just that: thinking. Regardless if that ‘thinking’ is the right thing to believe or not. That’s of course if you are able to make a distinction between good and bad ways of thinking to begin with.

If you sit still for a moment. Be mindful with your thoughts. Without judgement. Just witnessing what goes on in your mind – you begin to realise it may not be a good idea to trust your mind after all. Much of what our mind spends time on is fictional. The mind is often lost in the past, or the future. It’s not always a bad thing of course, we need to learn from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes today, or project into the future so we have a direction for moving forward in life.

But all to often, our thoughts are clouded by our confirmation bias. This is our tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms our preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. In other words, in our minds we can convince ourselves of anything, even when what is going on there is wrong, even when we are wrong.


Test Everything

The antidote to this, as far as I can see is: Test everything. Test everything you think to be important and to be of value. to you. Test what you believe will inspire you to grow as a human being. They can be small tests, small steps, but put it into action. As Roman general, Cesar and Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius noted, making progress is only possible by “action by action.”

And I am sorry to break it to my friend: That in the end, the mind actually has ZERO power.

What you think, or what you believe doesn’t manifest at all without action.

Let me say that again: What you think, or what you believe doesn’t manifest at all without action.

Now if you are able to take it out of your ‘mind’ and put it into the action of the world you live in, then that’s power. You likely will be far more happier and fulfilled too. At least this is what I have found. Kyle Eschenroeder in The Pocket Guide to Action, articulates this perfectly when he writes, “right actions aren’t usually grand. They can be small. Brushing your teeth is an action. Brushing your teeth mindfully is right action.”

As Ryan Holiday, in The Obstacle Is The Way reminds us,

“It’s okay to be discouraged. It’s not okay to quit. To know you want to quit but to plant your feet and keep inching closer until you take the impenetrable fortress you’ve decided to lay siege to in your own life—that’s persistence.”


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