The Bullshit of ‘Defending’ the Sucker Punch

I edited the video out in this article, because I don’t feel like dealing with the ‘martial’ trolls. But what I saw on a recent video on dealing with a ‘sucker punch’ astounded me. People teach things in ‘self-defense’ without even understanding the premise behind what they are actually teaching against.

Point in case, if you talk about the sucker punch, which is a very real threat when we talk about self-preservation, you can’t then go on to teach, how you would then defend said sucker punch with a defensive hand motion.


It seems so fucking glaringly obvious, but clearly it’s not. By the very nature of calling what you are training against as a sucker punch means, you won’t know it is coming. Even the dictionary agrees.

So if you are teaching people how to defend themselves against a ‘sucker punch’ but then go on to show how you can defend said sucker punch with some kind of defensive hand action, then you not teaching them how to defend a sucker punch. What you are teaching them then, is how to defend a specific strike, which to be fair you might not know what it exactly is — but you still know you are being attacked with something. It’s this kind of nonsense that irks me in the world of reality based self defense. Not only is teaching in this way a lie, you haven’t addressed the reality of what a sucker punch will be, and how someone may then (if they are not immediately knocked out) would have to deal with that. In other words, you are psychologically priming them with the wrong response cycle.

The reality is, if I do get sucker punched, I won’t know it was going to happen, and I likely won’t know exactly where it came from or even from whom.Of course there are some exceptions, when you dealing with a known aggressive person in front of you, but yet again, just because people are in your face being aggressive, doesn’t by default mean they will sucker punch you. If you do get sucker punched, and If you are still able to remain conscious, the next obvious step is to continue to remain conscious — assess quickly the environment, assess the threat, and eliminate it (yet another reason I keep saying defense is primary, it gives you time to get your ability to get your focus back). You are going to have to do all of this — recover, assess, eliminate the threat  with a loss of varied degrees of your ability to focus —  as well as simultaneously having to deal with possible multiple threats as well.

This kind of subject matter isn’t trivial. What you say you are teaching someone to survive matters, in other words, don’t just throw cool sounding terms around, make sure you know what they mean. Don’t lie to people either. Tell them the truth. The truth is, they will get hit, possibly multiple times, and unless they have a strategy to overcome it, they are in deep trouble. If you going to train to survive a sucker punch, then you should be doing it as it is defined, hitting someone when they have no idea it is going to happen, and then see what they can do from there.


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