(Credit Card Payments Via Stripe)

Thank you for participating in one of our Trainers Programs. Please find below the relevant links to pay via your credit card. Choose the appropriate payment option based on your discussion with our Team on the most appropriate license fee for your current needs. Once you sign up, you then become an active and or continued member of our Team. The day you sign up, is the same day you will be billed each month.

If you are new to one of our Trainers Programs, your account, and access to relevant course material will be set-up manually after you sign up. Please give us time to do so. This normally takes less than 24hrs.

Non-Profit/Garage Group

Non/Profit or Garage Group monthly license fee sign-up below:

[simpay id=”69669″]

Affiliate License Fee

If you are coaching out of someone’s facility, and or, assisting a current CM Trainer in our program sign-up below:

[simpay id=”69671″]

Fully Branded CMD/MJ Franchise

If you are openining a fully branded CMD and or MJ facility sign up below:

[simpay id=”69672″]

CMD/MJ Monthly

If you doing both programs: [simpay id=”81616″]