Our vision is to transform the modern martial arts landscape. While our contemporaries focus either on hyper-competitiveness, or self-defense overkill, we seek a balanced approach to the modern martial arts experience. We call this our mat, street, life philosophy!


While we place a premium emphasis on self-protection readiness, we expand our training offerings to include the science of human flourishing. To this end, our Trainers are equipped to coach their students with skills that will enhance their life success.

As such, we want the modern martial arts experience to be more than just teaching people how to 'fight' but equally be able to take on the martial arts of everyday life and thrive.

Your Role...

If you are passionate about teaching modern martial arts, but want to be a transformative presence in your students lives, then The School of Crazy Monkey for Trainers is for you!

Our Role...

Under the guidance of the School of Crazy Monkey's founder Dr Rodney King ('Coach'), and fellow Trainers in our team, we will equip you with the necessary skills to both teach functional, proven martial skills. At the same time we will equip you with the knowledge, and know how to coach your students in the science of human flourishing specifically as it is applied to the martial arts experience.

Paths to Certification

Currently you can choose two (or both) paths to qualify in our programs. Your choices are the Crazy Monkey Defense Striking Program, and the Monkey-Jits Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program.


Crazy Monkey Defense is our flagship program. Designed to teach students a self-preservation driven combat athletically based striking system, focused on longevity. Gain immediate access to our CORE16 online program, a 16-week done for you, step-by-step curriculum designed to to teach anyone a solid, functional, real world and tested striking based system. Then move your students through our Gloves Programs where they gain performance skills that work against a resisting opponent. All the while, you will be learning how to teach, along with presenting the science of human flourishing to your students so that they can take on the martial arts of everyday life and thrive.


Our Jiu-Jitsu program is focused on an equal balance of self-preservation skills, the grappling game and inner development. Gain immediate access to our FLOW-CORE30 ROAD TO BLU BELT online program. This is a 30-week done for you step-by-step curriculum designed to teach the foundation of Jiu-Jitsu leading to blue belt. In addition, as with the Crazy Monkey Striking Program, you will be learning how to teach the art of Jiu-Jitsu, along with presenting the science of human flourishing to your students so that they can take on the martial arts of everyday life and thrive.


Access world-class training videos, connect with expert coaches and become part of a global tribe of martial arts enthusiasts. Teach one, or sign up to teach both our programs.


Learn from our team of expert Trainers from around the world and explore topics not only on self-protection, but developing skills to take on the martial arts of everyday life and thrive.


The School of Crazy Monkey Defense is a widely recognized modern martial arts organisation with Trainers globally.


Access our expanding, current, research based online curriculums. Learn the foundation from anywhere in the world and begin teaching in no time.


50% discount on training events held around the world each year. 20% discount for your students. Meet and train with team members from all over the world at these events. This applies to our annual training camp in Thailand.


We offer support via our trainers online community platform, with senior trainers ready to mentor you. We have a very supportive team, with everyone eager to help out.


Throughout the year we offer trainers the opportunity to attend online webinars, and trainers conference calls. Get your questions answered, learn and improve every aspect of your teaching practice.

How To Apply

Step 1

Fill in the form below to submit your application for review. This is important.

Step 2

We'll contact you via email if your initial application is approved.

Step 3

If you make the first round of preliminary acceptance, Rodney will schedule a virtual call with you, followed by the relevant payment links to join.

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Crazy Monkey Team

Here are some of our trainers from around the world.
Click here to see the full team and our learn more about our Glove Ranking System.


In a competitive approach, one person or group of people have to lose in order for another to win. 

In our experience, this is actually the greatest challenge to teaching martial arts. 
No one is going to risk ‘failure’ if the price of doing so is way too high.

Bottom line: The ego needs to be taken out…

Along with the focus on winning at all cost, or not looking bad to others, or the fear of making mistakes…
And instead, a sense of playfulness should be instilled.

Students need to feel “safe” to mess up and try again.

In our Challenge Play© approach, students are encouraged to measure success based on their own personal performance and not others. This is always challenging. It doesn’t come naturally to most people.

But with each successive try, they’ll get better and better at solving the problems they face on the mat.
And as their skills grow, so will their confidence and creativity

There is no greater goal and or achievement for a martial arts instructor than this!


coach Rodney king

Hi, I’m Coach Rodney King, creator of the Crazy Monkey Defense System.

I’m passionate about helping all levels of martial art instructors offer their students a modern martial arts experience that balances functionality with self-mastery. 

All our programs are built upon our Mat, Street & Life Philosophy
At Crazy Monkey, we believe that Martial and Art should be balanced.

Since I created Crazy Monkey Defense, it has been sought out by thousands of people from all across the globe. People just like me, who were not born fighters  but wanted to gain the ability to fight back and win. Crazy Monkey Defense has become their default choice when it comes to self-preservation training.

CMD has been so successful that it’s now being taught all over the world to real world warriors, from special force military operators, law enforcement officers, close protection teams, to airline cabin crew. Our Trainers Team itself is made up of a diverse group of people, from school teachers, nurses, to tier 1 special force operators. Some of the trainers in our Team teach a single of our programs, or all of them. There is always plenty room to grow, and learn!


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