Virtual Seminars

Host me for a Virtual Seminar @ your Academy

Hey Dr. Rodney King here...but everyone calls me 'Coach'...

I created some badass modern martial arts programs that I have taught at seminars all over the world. All these seminars previously were in-person…

But thankfully technology is changing all of that.

For the first time ever, and thanks to technology you can host me for a Virtual Seminar at your Academy. I am so excited to be able to offer my passion, teaching people just like you, and your students – but now in a total accessible way, whilst taking away travel concerns, and most importantly lowering the costs.

Why Offer a Virtual Seminar?
Host me for a Virtual 2hr Seminar starting at $600 (save up to $400). Offer valid until February 2021
This is What I can Offer You & Your Students...
Crazy Monkey Striking V-Seminar

Crazy Monkey Defense is where it all started, and now taught all over the world. Offer your students a striking based Virtual Seminar designed to teach functional, accessible striking skills. Start with the Foundations V-Seminar and build from there.

Possible Topics:
Monkey Jits V-Seminar

As a 4th Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Master Rigan Machado my approach to ‘jits’ has always focused on self-preservation first. Second to that, I believe that to be able to roll against a resisting, uncooperative opponent requires a solid foundation.

Possible Topics:
Embodied-Warrior V-Seminar

Winning in a fight, just as in life comes down to your inner game. Your inner state dictates your fate. The Embodied-Warrior experience will teach your students how to build an inner game that will enable them to win no matter what the mat, street or life throws at them.

Possible Topics:

Keeping things Simple, I am offering 2 types of Virtual Seminar packages...

Crazy Monkey or Monkey-Jits

I went from having two left feet, and been an underdog, to developing some badass modern martial arts programs that are now taught all over the world.

As such I know what it takes to build a formidable martial arts game, even for someone who in ‘theory’ shouldn’t stand a chance.
While I outlined above some possible topics for either a Crazy Monkey or Monkey-Jits Virtual Seminars, the end topic can be tailored to your personal, students and Academy needs.

Virtual Seminar Package

1hr Focused Virtual Seminar Session + 30min Q & A + Recording For Your Students

  • Now $600 until end February 2021. Save $400.


The Embodied-Warrior package will develop your students inner management skills, and enable them to show up on the mat, the street or in life with focus and calm, whilst learning to manage stressful moments. Not only was developing inner management skills the focus of my PhD, I have taught these skills to special forces operators, airline cabin crew, and to companies such as Google, Facebook, AirBnB and many more.

Embodied-Warrior Seminar Package

1hr 30min Focused Virtual Seminar Session + 30 min Q&A + Recording For Your Students

  • Now $1200 until end February 2021. Save $800.

How It Works

My Virtual Seminar fees above covers you for any amount of students up to 20 participants (please contact me if you want to host a larger group). As the Virtual Seminar host you can charge what ever you like for the Virtual Seminar. You get to keep those profits.

I only conduct Virtual Seminars on the weekends. When you book a Virtual Seminar above, by paying the fee, I will then contact you to set up the best time and date that will work for you. Don’t worry about time zones, I will work within the time that bests suites you (I have woken up at 1am my time and done Virtual Seminars). I would suggest however, to schedule a Virtual Seminar at least 1 calendar month in advance. If you have a date/time already in mind, send me an email below to check my availability before signing up above.

While I am happy to recommend topics for the Virtual Seminar at your Academy, I am equally happy to discuss topics that you most would like to focus on. All Virtual Seminars are done via Zoom which I host on my end. After the Virtual Seminar is complete, you will be sent a recording that you then can offer to your students.

As the Virtual Seminar host I will require your help during the event. You will be an active participant throughout the event.

Do You Have Some Questions Before You Sign Your Academy up for a Virtual Seminar? Send me a Mail, Happy to Answer Your Questions!