You Never Know When Success Comes Knocking!

Sometimes you are working really hard on achieving success in something, but you are not seeing any results. The reason this happens is because instead of focusing on the progress we are making each day, we fixate on the outcome. In other words, we focus on the end goal so much, that we don’t see how well we are doing day to day.

When you approach success in this way, it’s easy to give up. You give up, because the end game seems so far away. Sadly, to many times, and I have experienced this myself — you end up giving up at the 11th hour. If you only hung on a little while longer, you would have had a break through.

I was asked on Facebook, “This may also me construed as a gamblers mentality. There is a time to bail;) Would look forward to hearing your views on that:)”

Good question. Here’s my answer:

If you working on something that you are passionate about and believe in — there is almost no reason to bail. But that’s not really what I am saying. What I am saying is, focus on the progress you make each day, rather than always shifting your attention to how far away you are from the end goal.

When people focus only on the end goal, they look at where they are now, and how far away the end seems. What a person should rather do is, ask what they positively achieved today as a marker of immediate success. The end goal is there always, but it’s what we do each day that is far more important.

But at the same time, I have seen people in martial arts training give up just when a break through is near, because it seems to take to long to gain success (partly because they never focused on the daily successes they are having — and only focus on the end goal).


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