Virtual Coaching

Now You can become one of my Personal Students no matter where you live in the world.

Hey Dr. Rodney King here...but everyone calls me 'Coach'...

Firstly, thank you for considering hiring me as your coach. As the creator of some badass modern martial arts programs, I have been coaching students just like you for close on 3-decades. All these sessions have been in-person. In the past the only real way to learn from me was either to come to my Academy, or attend one of my seminars globally.

But thankfully technology has changed all of that.

For the first time ever, and thanks to technology you can hire me as your coach no matter where you live in the world. I am so excited to be able to offer my passion, teaching people just like you, but now in a total accessible way, whilst taking away travel concerns, and most importantly lowering the costs.

“One of the positives for me from COVID was the opportunity to try new things remotely that I may not have otherwise done. Although I’ve had exposure to the CM curriculum in the past, the online classes allowed me to rekindle one of my passions. Although I lacked a training partner, many great tips for training solo were provided and I was able to get answers to my questions right away. I believe that post-pandemic, remote training will remain a viable option where in-person instruction is not possible. I highly recommend Rodney and the CM program."
British Columbia
This is What I can Offer You...
Focused Sessions, Focused on Your Goals

No more worrying about what you are going to be taught, or hoping you will learn what you most need. Together we will craft a personal game plan just for you, focused on what you most want and need to learn.

Recordings of All Your Sessions Sent To You

If you like me, I hated going to normal brick and mortar classes as you had to rely on your memory. Now you don’t need too. After every virtual session, I will send you a recording of the session, so you can always access what we covered at anytime. 

Priced & Timed Just Right

I have run a dozen virtual privates and tested the best approach. I have found 30min focused sessions are the best and virtual students love it. This not only keeps costs down (Starting at $60 a session), but remember too you get the recording to go through the sessions when ever you need too.

Keeping things Simple, I am offering 2 types of coaching packages...

Martial Arts Coaching Package

I went from having two left feet, and been an underdog, to developing some badass modern martial arts programs that are now taught all over the world.

So…no matter if you want to learn how to develop your stand up striking game, working on your grappling game, or learn real world self preservation skills, I can help you build those skills.

You can take a single once off session, or sign up for a 4-pack (If you want to build specific, lasting skills, I suggest always starting off with the 4 pack).

1-1 Coaching Single Session

30Min Focused Session + Recording

4-Pack Session (Save $80)

4 x 30Min Focused Session + Recordings

Embodied-Warrior Coaching Package

The Embodied-Warrior package will develop your inner management skills, and enable you to show up in life with focused and calm, whilst learning to manage stressful moments. Not only was developing inner management skills the focus of my PhD, I have taught these skills to special forces operators, airline cabin crew, and to companies such as Google, Facebook, AirBnB and many more.

If you find yourself struggling to keep focused in life or finding that stress is undermining your success, this is the perfect package for you. Bottom line: Learn how to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully. 

Embodied-Warrior 4-Pack Session

4 x 45Min Focused Session + Recordings

How It Works

Simply choose a package above and pay. Once you have, Coach Rodney will contact you directly via email so you can both choose a time that will work. If you choose a 4-pack session, then that pack must be completed within one calendar month. Rodney suggests meeting once a week for maximum benefit. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Coach Rodney below.

Do You Have Some Questions Before You Jump In? Send me a Mail, Happy to Answer Your Questions!